How to Combine
the Best of Both Worlds

Proven Practices in Exploring New Businesses
and Technologies for Digital Transformation

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About the White Paper

In times of digitalization, characterized by increasingly short-cycled innovations and fast market penetration, gradual change to adapt to the fast-paced environment results in companies being left behind.

It is imperative for companies to balance both the exploitation of the established core business and the exploration of new technologies to ensure success in the long run.

Organizational ambidexterity is a company’s ability to be simultaneously
exploitative and explorative.


1. Management Summary

2. Ambidexterity Combines the Best of Both Worlds

3. In a Digital Age Ambidexterity is More Relevant than Ever Before

4. The Paradox of Organizational Change

5. Applying the Best of Both Worlds

    5.1  Aligning Strategy
    5.2  Aligning Organization
    5.3  Aligning Resources
    5.4  Aligning Information Systems
    5.5  Aligning Corporate Culture





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