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Who will lead in Industry 4.0?

China - Europe - USA

USA with digital, Europe with engineering or China with production?

28th January 2021


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How will be the pace of recovery in each of the markets? Who will lead this race in five years?

Countries are challenged by Covid-19 and setting themselves up for an economic recovery. In the background, countries and regions race to conquer the digital opportunity of Industry 4.0: 5G, AI, IoT, Cloud, 3D Printing, etc..

Three top experts – one from Europe, one from US and one from China - will share their vision regarding:

i) how are the US, China and Europe performing in this digital age
ii) what are their individual advantages
iii) how will each perform in 2021, given covid-19, and
iv) who will lead the Industry 4.0 race in five years.

Carlos Oliveira, from LBC – Innovative Transformation Delivered – will moderate.



Carlos Oliveira

Carlos Oliveira

CEO of LBC – Innovative Transformation Delivered. Expert in Strategy, Innovation and Digital Transformation. Previously, Member of Parliament, Coordinator of Innovation Unit at Council of Ministers – Portuguese Government. Coordinates Global Strategic Innovation Program.



Carlos Oliveira
Christian Hocken

Managing Partner at Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center | RWTH Aachen University. Expert in IT complexity management and Industry 4.0 assessments, strategy and operating models.

Martin Tantow

Martin Tantow

Managing Partner at Blissity Ventures, Silicon Valley/ San Francisco Bay Area. Expert in disruptive innovation and deep tech. He advised fortune 500 clients on strategy, innovation and M&A. Founder of multiple ventured backed startups.

Sherry Li

Sherry Li

Strategy & Operations Leader at General Electric Digital, previously Digital Product Leader. Expert in strategic planning, technology roadmaps, competitive assessments, innovation frameworks and operating models. MSc from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, w/Exec. courses at West Point and MIT.


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