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I4.0 Combine the Best of Both Worlds

Existing Business Areas vs New Business and Technologies
16th December 2020


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How can we not be left behind in an environment
of more and more accelerated change?

The digital age is characterized by ever shorter innovation cycles and fast market penetration.

Therefore, it is imperative for companies to balance the exploitation of both the established core business and the new technologies in order to ensure long-term success.

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What to Expect?

Some of the topics that will be addressed:

Asset 4How to promote innovation in established and successful companies

Asset 4How the "success syndrome" has been the cause
of failure for some companies


Asset 4Challenges when trying to combine both worlds "existing business areas" vs "new business areas" in the same organization





Carlos Oliveira
Carlos Oliveira

CEO & Founder at LBC. Coordinates the Global Strategic Innovation Immersion Program in Silicon Valley

Carlos Oliveira

Felix Optehostert

Senior Manager Venturing Services at Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center. Supports companies to leverage their journey in digital transformation, focusing on data-driven development

Carlos Oliveira
Margarida Gonçalves

Partner Responsible for I4.0 at LBC. Supports companies in Maturity Assessment and development of the Digital Transformation Roadmap.

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