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A Managing business process through BPM solutions enables us to introduce a substantial improvement in organizations. A Business Process Management (BPM) project implementation may begin with a survey, modeling, and re-engineering business processes, and evolve to its automation through specialized tools. However, it is a cycle of continuous improvement.


Automation and Business Process Management


Monitoring and Process Optimization


Process Governance


Our solution

Sequence is the leading iBPM and workflow platform.
It is simple and intuitive BPM software, with programming through flowcharts and forms.

Cost reduction

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Operational efficiency



Workshop BPM

LBC, in partnership with PNMSoft, realized a workshop for the presentation and demonstration of Sequence BPM to companies interested in this solution.


Supporting the creation of a worldwide electronic marketBusiness Process Management

ebXML: Total interoperability between systems involved in e-commerce

Smart BPM in the financial sectorBusiness Process Management

BNI Europa needed to optimize several internal processes fast without much organizational and technological effort and investment...

Giving voice to the citizens of a local authority (in Brazil) via a portalBusiness Process Management

One of the main tourist destinations in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, wanted to be closer to its residents, both private and businesses...

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