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"People don't resist change. They resist being changed!"

The success of any business model is strongly linked to the organizational design that supports its operation.

How we help clients

In the Organization and Change Management area LBC provides an innovative service line that considers the various dimensions of the business to ensure a coherent and effective alignment with corporate objectives.

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The organization is not an end in itself

LBC's positioning is based on the principle that the organization is not an end in itself. It is a vehicle for operationalizing strategy and the business model, which implies an alignment of workers, processes and technologies with the culture, mission and business vision.


One size fits all?

At LBC we believe that there are no pre-conceived models (one size fits all), there are experiences and best practices that have to be customized according to the needs and particularities of each organization and each project.


Action and results

Our approach is strongly action-oriented and results-oriented, creating a high-speed transformation dynamic, energizing the organization, and generating a short-term return.


Working environment contributes for Telecinco’s resultsOrganization & Change Management

The development and exploitation of the Telecinco television channel advertising space are the responsibility of the Publiespaña Group...  

Strengthening the skills of a division in an african entertainment companyOrganization & Change Management

MultiChoice Angola: A leading video entertainment and internet company...

REFER – Measure to better manageOrganization & Change Management

Regulation is critical to establish the market balance between the infrastructure manager and operators, between customers and service users...

Greater integration of equipment management and cultural activitiesOrganization & Change Management

Having into account the incorporation of new equipment (museums), the city hall and EGEAC identified the need to increase...

Development of the rail sector leadershipOrganization & Change Management

The project designed by LBC involved the definition of critical areas of competence, having into account the strategic challenges

Aligning an island air carrier’s businessOrganization & Change Management

ASA’s top management was facing complex challenges, such as how to act and respond to the needs of an insular context; having 500 employees...

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