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We design institutional academies

We design, operate and support the implementation of institutional academies, corporate universities and other training and development structures.


Innovation academies

We conceive and operationalize the implementation of innovation academies. We have identified a set of actions and innovation initiatives to boost results.
This includes reviewing internal innovation processes, organization and teams, incentives, among other areas.


Strategic planning of skills development

We design skills development plans in technical, behavioral areas or management, based on what to respond to their organizations’ strategic challenges. 

Solutions focused on results

Training plans adapted to the company’s reality, as a result of a deep organizational diagnosis, aligned with the business strategy.

Alignment of the programmatic content with; the organization’s core business, and framework of the organizational challenges identified.

Merge between conceptual rigor and emotional impact, through reflections of awareness regarding employees’ efficiency, and through the establishment of a commitment to change.

Impact on organizational efficiency and effectiveness, through increased productivity, motivation and teams’ cohesion.

Evaluation of the degree of compliance with the objectives defined in the implementation plan.

Training endogenization by assessing the impact of knowledge transfer and learning monitoring.


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