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GSI EDP Innovation Program: Acculturating Silicon Valley

LBC held the 10th edition of the GSI EDP Innovation Program, within the scope of the GSI - Global Strategic Innovation - Immersive Skills Development Program.


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This program, tailor-made for EDP Innovation, brings company executives to the world innovation reference ecosystem, Silicon Valley and San Francisco (Bay Area), and aims to contribute to the growth and professional inspiration of the company's executives and provide them with the innovative tools and a disruptive mindset necessary to accelerate their business.

In this program, they have the opportunity to see in loco what is most innovative in their area of expertise, have interactive sessions with experts, entrepreneurs, and university professors from several areas, as well as participate in networking actions, meet with potential business partners and start-ups.

This year, due to the reality experienced by the COVID-19 pandemic, we reversed the course and brought the Bay Area to each participant. Thus, this 10th edition had two more focused programs and several daily virtual sessions, with renowned speakers such as Steve Blank (50X Innovation and professor of entrepreneurship at Berkeley, Stanford and Haas Business School), Patrick Lee (Rotten Tomatoes), Alberto Savoia (APEX Innovation), former Google Engineering Director), Stacy d'Amico (Andressen Horowitz), Sahas Katha, (CEO and founder of SmartCar) James Burgess (CIO and founder of Lookout), Deena Shakir (Partner of Lux Capital) among many other important themes in the technological, energy and financial sector, over two weeks spaced over time.


Disseminating knowledge and empowering investment

With more than 35 editions, GSI - Global Strategic Innovation has taken over 500 top executives to Silicon Valley, from more than 350 entities (public and private), from EDP to Brisa, Vortal or Impresa, the Brazilian Post Office and Embraer, or Unitel Angola, with participants of high technical and/or management profile from more than 12 countries.

Over the years, executives who were introduced by LBC in Silicon Valley have not only brought new ideas and visions that they share with their teams and implement in their organizations - disseminating knowledge - but some have also invested in the USA, as is the case of Embraer.

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