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Enhance the business strategy for a leader in the oil sector



A leader in the energy sector in the Cape Verdean market, Enacol, aimed to strengthen its business strategy and resorted to LBC which designed a training program in strategy, planning and monitoring.



The developed action aimed to provide participants core competencies in order to clarify the key aspects associated to business strategy; to reduce the risk of inadequate definition of indicators and unreachable goals; to structure a monitoring system with rules, responsibilities and timings; to improve the decision making’s feedback and quality.


Applicable ideas

The training program lasted three days, in a total of 21 hours, with 17 employees. In the end, 82% of the participants stated that the initiative met their expectations. Executives highlighted the “pedagogical skills, the instructors’ empathy and the practical knowledge” conveyed, as well as the “great integration between theory and practice” with “the explanation of applicable ideas to improve the company”, adding to the “training adequacy training to our reality”.


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