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The biggest change in the Technology, Telecoms & Media sector has its main focus on digital migration by the development - and massification - of new technologies such as the Internet and mobile media.

In this context, new challenges arise in the sector that obliges managers to adapt business development mechanisms, through the strategic sharing of infrastructures, the development of new content based on innovative applications, the development of digital business models and attention to the movements competition.

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in Technology, Telecoms & Media sector

Our clients in the communications and media sector cover a wide range including governments, post offices, regulators, fixed and mobile Telcos, broadcasting companies, media companies, mobile phone manufacturers, infrastructure suppliers, technological research centers, covering a multitude of services in management consulting, digital transformation and talent development in several countries.

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Communications and media face challenges on multiples fronts, being customer experience and service one of the most pressing. LBC uses design thinking and other tools to assist clients to understand and develop and deploy attractive solutions to their customers. Contact us to know more.

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Smart BPM in the financial sector

BNI Europa, a financial institution which provides services in private banking and retail in Portugal and Angola, needed to optimize several internal processes fast without much organizational and technological effort and investment.

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