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Customized Training for Customers

Training is no longer enough to improve and develop skills.





At LBC we believe that the focus is on individual and collective learning, through the combination of study, experience, reasoning, observation and action. More than an Academy, we are a Business Academy, focused on the business and value creation of our clients and partners.


Executive Programs

Our placement is a premium positioning, aimed at generating results with an impact on our clients' companies. We support executives to reach their maximum potential, generating value in their companies and their clients' companies. We align the training strategy with the strategy of each client company. We support even after the training is completed and we are a reliable partner, on whom our clients think first when they need it.


Tailor-made training

We have a cumulative experience of about 20 years, but our training is tailored to the needs of each client and aligned with their business or activity. Our training is customized to each reality, aligned with the objectives of the activity and its real impact actively measured at all times. We see each action as a unique and unrepeatable project.



We resort to the latest technologies, trends and resources to bring value to each client. We develop and adapt a technological platform that encloses a true ecosystem of formation. We focus on the needs of the moment, and we also have long-term programs aimed at deepening an area of knowledge. We are recognized in this activity by the certifying entity of training entities in Portugal.



We occasionally conduct inter-company training in areas where we are truly distinctive, such as Value Creation Forums, Silicon Valley immersive programs, social responsibility training, or start-up acceleration programs in which we train, monitor, and drive business through strategic innovation skills.


Immersion Programs

Our local presence in San Francisco and Silicon Valley has made us pioneers in Portugal of immersion programs in the world's biggest reference in innovation that is still Silicon Valley. We have been running Global Strategic Innovation Immersion Programs since 2010. We support startups to accelerate their business in the Bay Area, we provide a set of mentors and experts and a unique network of exponential networking.

How we help our clients

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