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Executives and Innovators

Our offer is structured for:

i) the executive level - administrators, directors, team leaders,

ii) for innovators focused on creating new products, solutions and business models,

iii) change managers focused on introducing new work models, changing mind-sets and transforming organizations and

iv) implementers, focused on managing high performance teams.

Business Knowledge

We are oriented to the reality of each client. We have extensive business practice, public sector and socio-economic development challenges. Our pedagogical methods benefit in a systematized way from the excellence in execution, the competence centers and the real experience of our international management consulting practice, with all the associated benefits.

Transformation and Impact

The transfer of knowledge per se has a limited impact on organizations, and sometimes negative. The starting and arrival point must be the desired behavior or business transformation and the sustainable impact achieved through training.

Analytical Data, Digital and Cinematographic Technologies

Our training is supported by analytical data that support execution and monitoring, and digital tools that multiply the capacity of intervention, such as gamification, microlearning and augmented reality, and in communication methods supported by cinematic techniques.

How we help our clients


Implemented Academy Projects

With global relevance, present in 14 countries and with wide experience in 16 activity sectors, we work to support clients to identify and achieve their performance potential through innovative transformation, in the public, private and social sectors.



Project Experience:

Europe: Belgium, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland

Africa: South Africa, Angola, Cape Verde, Ghana, Guinea, Mozambique

America: Brazil, USA, Mexico

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Highest standards of quality-of-service delivery and professional conduct

Client satisfaction audited by Lloyd’s Register of London



GSI EDP Innovation Program: Acculturating Silicon Valley

LBC held the 10th edition of the GSI EDP Innovation Program, within the scope of the GSI - Global Strategic Innovation - Immersive Skills Development Program.


Taking the top management to another level of leadership

The board of a portuguese regulatory authority in health wanted to proceed with the training work undertakenby LBC...

GSI: Direct contact with Silicon Valley champions

Silicon Valley, USA, receives the 8th edition of GSI - Global Strategic Innovation: International Executive Program...

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