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Social Impact and Citizenship

Social responsibility is a core concept of LBC’s culture, strategy and practice. It is one of the intrinsic characteristics of who we are. 
For us, social responsibility is, above all, an ethical attitude regarding our society and the external entities with which 
we interact – customers, suppliers, partners, state institutions among others – and regarding 
our internal management (employees and shareholders).

High professional standards

The first characteristic that defines us as a company is the adoption of high professional and ethical standards. Our reputation amongst our customer base is the best witness to this reality.

Set of values

Social responsibility is also a set of values that we adopt as day-to-day practical guidance. At LBC we see management consulting, by supporting companies and public entities. Better organizations create more jobs, greater wealth, better quality of life, a better and greater economic and social development. Likewise, better public administration creates better public and social services, better citizen protection, more transparency, greater stability, more equity and social justice, etc.


Trusted Advisors

We work for that our clients regard us as trusted advisors, to whom they turn to when having a problem, a challenge, an opportunity, an ambition, and not only as a purely commercial entity interested in making a mere sale of services. That is, we work for that our partners recognize our broader sense of responsibility.


Best Leader Awards

We believe that leadership is a fundamental process for the development of companies, public administration and countries. For this reason, we organize The Best Leader Awards (BLA, in its 7th edition), an initiative that aims to recognize the leaders who stand out in many areas. Having awarded about 40 Lusophone personalities, BLA’s purpose is to promote the importance of leadership in organizations and stimulate the development of new leaders.

Best Student Leader Award

As a part of the Best Leader Awards, the Best Student Leader Award is an initiative organized in partnership with the Lisbon MBA (a joint venture between Nova SBE and Católica Lisbon SBE). This distinction recognizes the best student at the Lisbon MBA and with the highest level of leadership development.

Centre of Competence

Our sense of social responsibility includes knowledge share, beyond the commercial interest that this kind of sharing may have. We stand as a center of internationally recognized competence.


Portal da Liderança is a part of our commitment to sharing knowledge. 
This online platform, designed for the community of
Portuguese-speaking leaders spread around the globe is dedicated to the promotion of leadership, information and the knowledge needed for greater effectiveness, success, and happiness of leaders and the organizations they lead. We are focused on supporting leaders
or who wants to be a leader.


Basic Consulting Skills

As part of its contribution to the economic and social growth of the countries in which we operate, LBC offers in these markets the Basic Consulting Skills course, based on the training we give to our consultants. This three-day program, framed within LBC’s social responsibility policy, is for young or high-potential professionals. It provides participants with skills, methodologies, and tools used in management consulting, thus contributing to their appreciation as professionals of increased value and highly oriented to achieve results. It is an initiative that has local partnerships at the highest level.

Start Ups in Silicon Valley

We promote entrepreneurship values in society through our work and also non-remunerated actions.
For example, we sponsored many start-ups to accelerate in Silicon Valley.


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