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About us

Duration: 0:38

16 markets

Project Experience in

Europe: Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

America: Brazil, Mexico and USA,
Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Africa: Angola, Cape Verde, Ghana, Guiné, Mozambique, Rwanda, São Tomé and Príncipe, South Africa 

Global is meaningless unless there is local relevance. We ensure local relevance while thinking globally by delivering customized solutions.


+1.000 projects

18 industry sectors

Certifications: ISO9001, SGIDI, PME Líder, ITMark

+ 70 start ups supported in Silicon Valley

+ 500 executives in immersion programs in Silicon Valley

High client satisfaction

Highest standards of quality of service delivery and professional conduct

Client satisfaction audited by Lloyd’s Register of London



Our Alumni in service providers and leading industry clients show the high quality of our talent and our professional development

Our Mission

We deliver innovative transformation to help clients in private, public and social sectors to identify and achieve the best performances, by:

arrowproviding intelligent, innovative and customized business solutions,

arrowdriving digital transformation into successful outcomes and

arrowbuilding people capabilities that empower organizations to thrive in a demanding and ever-changing context.


Our Manifest

To deliver lasting impact

1. Lead

Assist clients in defining and creating their own future



2. Costumize

Adopt customized solutions to achieve distinctive results for clients


3. Integrate

Ensure an integrated vision of the client’s business, context, people, technology, systems, and ambition



4. Impact

Provide ideas, tools and solutions focused on the lasting impact



5. Innovate

Promote innovative vision, culture and solutions to create new value to all stakeholders


6. Betapreneur

Combine beta testing and entrepreneurship to promote fast prototyping and personal responsibility for innovation



7. Disrupt

Bring in disruptive thinking to help clients think “What If” to achieve outstanding performance



8. Design

Apply design thinking to create new human-centered solutions, alongside management and engineering thinking.



9. Know

Mobilize the necessary knowledge and talent and apply best in class and best-fit philosophy in each project


10. Improve

Promote positive choices within a people-focused and long-term perspective to bring prosperity to all stakeholders, the wider community and planet


11. Share

Share knowledge, learn from the client, build lasting relationships with clients


12. Deliver

Excel at execution, ensure implementation and deliver result maximization


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